100% Traceable Flax Seed Products - from 'soil to oil'®

100% Traceable Flax Seed - From 'Soil to Oil'®

New Zealand has some of the most highly regarded and respected quality standards for food and natural product manufacturing in the world, and our reputation for excellence is driven by strict adherence to these standards.​

At Bio Oils, we take quality very seriously. It is an integral part of our business and is visible and apparent throughout our whole organisation. Our commitment to traceability and quality certification, and the organisations we partner with reflect our dedication to food safety and quality.

GMO-Free Status

New Zealand maintains genetically modified organism (GMO) free status. Our laws and regulations governing genetic modification are among the most rigorous in the world and strike a balance between protecting our health and environment and preserving opportunities for production. No genetically modified crops are grown commercially in New Zealand, and therefore all the products processed and supplied by Bio Oils are GMO-free.