The Bio Oils Brands

Bio Oils New Zealand are proud to offer three retail brands
available for both local domestic markets, and for export worldwide:
Totally Kiwi & Uncle John’s along with our sister company Fourflax

Bio Oils is very proud to supply the finest quality, New Zealand grown and produced Flax Seed products to all of our retail brands.

Our retail brands are part of our network of family-owned and operated companies, meaning we are passionately involved in the production, sales & marketing and distribution of all products.​

Flax Seed Products - Totally Kiwi

Having been involved in the production of quality New Zealand grown Flax Seed Oils for many years, Daryl & Debbie were eager to establish a retail brand to showcase the very best of New Zealand grown and produced products that were traceable back to their origin.​

Totally Kiwi is our range of gourmet infused Flax Seed Oils for delicious dips, drizzles and dressings. This brand was born out of our desire to create our own retail brand for the food and health industry—oils that taste great and are good for you too!

The Totally Kiwi philosophy is to provide customers with 100% natural products that are guaranteed to be traceable to origin made from sustainable sources and manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Raw Linseed oil - Uncle John's

Uncle John’s Raw Linseed Oil is a 100% natural oil, cold-pressed from Linseed grown on the Canterbury Plains of New Zealand. 

Raw Linseed Oil has been used for generations to preserve and prevent deterioration of wood, and produce a stunning natural finish. Our Raw Linseed Oil helps to retain natural moisture and prevent cracking, as well as providing a protective waterproof barrier to the wood. It is ideal for use on cricket bats, outdoor furniture, chopping boards and more!

Available for purchase directly from Bio Oils, or in selected Mitre 10 stores in Canterbury.

Fourflax Animal health products

Our sister company, Fourflax Animal Health, was born out of our passion to provide functional health products for animals too.

Fourflax was established in 2010 by Daryl & Debbie after being approached by local veterinarians to supply bottled Flax Seed Oil for dogs and horses.

Now, the passionate team behind Fourflax are our children, Nick and Jenna – proudly manufacturing premium quality, New Zealand made animal health products under the ProVida brand.

With over 350 retail outlets in NZ, as well as distribution partners in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Australia, Japan and Australia, they are proud to offer a little slice of New Zealand goodness to pets across the globe!