For Over Three Decades We’ve Partnered With New Zealand’s Most Passionate Growers to Produce the World’s Finest Flax Seed Products

Founded in 1987 Bio Oils NZ today remains a family-owned and operated business dedicated to helping growers, consumers and animals lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

By cultivating the world’s purest Flax Seed products, packed with nutrients from New Zealand’s volcanic soils, Bio Oils NZ is able to share the powerful healing properties with consumers around the world.

From day one Bio Oils NZ was built on values that today, almost 35 years on, are still at the heart of the business; lead with care, product proud, build a legacy, and partner with growers.

Our Growers, Our Land, Our Responsibility

Our Growers – Strong partnerships form the foundation of any successful venture. At Bio Oils we know the key to achieving our goals is finding partners who share our passion for Flax Seed. Early on, we made the commitment to back our local growers based in Canterbury.

The decision was easy, our growers had an intimate knowledge of the land, were innovative, committed and already producing some of the world’s best Flax Seed crops. In supporting them, we are supporting  local people, their families and the whole community.

Our Land – We are proud of our Ashburton roots. The district is a fertile region nestled in the Canterbury Plains of New Zealand’s South Island. Canterbury is a place renowned for it’s unique mix of climate, fertile soils and innovative growers working together with nature to produce the best oil seed crops in the world.

Our Responsibility (Kaitiakitanga)  – We believe it is our responsibility as guardians (kaitiaki) of the land, to protect and treasure our air, soil and waters. In maintaining and looking after our land, we know it will continue to look after us and our future generations.

Meet our Team

Daryl Prebble
Managing Director

Debbie Prebble
Operations & Sales Director

Craig Wakelin
Arable Consultant

Janene Nolan
Finance Administration & Procurement

Dayna Hurst
Compliance & Brand Manager

Nathan Kemp
Bulk Production Manager & Quality Control

Kevin Prendergast
Retail Production Manager & Quality Control

Toni Green
Commercial Sales

Shannon Hamilton
Retail Sales

Our Approach

Transparency & Traceability

New Zealand’s raw material traceability is world leading and our promise to our customers is nothing less – to provide complete transparency every step of the way, from soil, to seed, to oil, to store.

Our systems, processes and relationships with growers provide our team with full visibility of the entire journey our products follow. This information is as critical for our consumers as it is for us.

For consumers it provides certainty about the quality of the final product. For us it ensures the ability to accurately monitor our processes ensuring our operations are as efficient as possible and allowing us to monitor the progress and quality of the crop from the moment the seed is planted.

Batch Production

Bio Oils NZ has been working closely with our local Canterbury farmers for years. We contract the crop directly with the farms and closely monitor the entire growing process.

Once harvested the dried, ripe Flax Seed is machine cleaned locally, and each grower line (batch) is stored and processed separately. Batch numbers are allocated to seed lines at harvest time and this guarantees complete traceability back to the farm.


Our Sustainability

Zero waste policy – From production to final packaging, we only use recyclable materials and sustainable business practices to further reduce our environment impact.

Annual crop rotation – Ensures our soils have time to replenish essential nutrients.

Our Certifications

*Every line of oil is tested by independent IANZ certified laboratories.