New Zealand Grown And Produced Flaxseed Products

What is so unique about owning a business from New Zealand is that in New Zealand we innovate! Innovation is central to success in our agriculture and is an integral part of our history. Being a young manufacturing country, farming and production techniques have to be innovative to deal with our unique location, soils and climate.​

'Number 8 wire'

In all aspects of agriculture, NZ farmers have had to use what we call the ‘Number 8 Wire’ attitude. Modern New Zealand agriculture was founded on farming and the use of ‘Number 8’ fencing wire. Number 8 Wire was used for everything, from fencing paddocks to fixing the farmers tractor.

Number 8 Wire became synonymous with ‘getting things done’ and ‘making things work’ especially when time and resources were limited. Today we continue to bring the Number 8 Wire innovative attitude to everything that we do and yet we have the luxury of modern technology and the connection to global knowledge and resources.

Daryl Prebble, joint owner and ‘hands on’ director of Bio Oils has been working with local farmers perfecting the growing and harvesting of flax seed.

Daryl has always focused on the process of cold-pressing the Flax Seed Oil to ensure the very purest oil is produced and at a consistent temperature.

Our commitment is very much on perfecting the manufacturing processes to ensure the highest possible quality Flax Seed Oil with the purest nutritional value.

Nature Identical

Over the last 30 years, Bio Oils have perfected the traditional ‘hand-crafted’ methods of the cold-press techniques into a streamlined and highly efficient process. Cold-pressed in small batches, there are no chemicals, solvents or heat used the freshly pressed oils are left to settle naturally, resulting in pure, unrefined oil, retaining the goodness nature provides. These natural methods ensure the finest quality and purest taste. Because freshness is an imperative we only cold press our oil ‘to order’, ensuring the best quality oil is delivered to you.