The Bio Oils Story: Our Land

New Zealand is a land of innovation, quality and purity.
We have clean, sustainable and unpolluted soils and waters, clean air and sustainable resources.

Our Envrionment

Our land, soils and waters are treasures (taonga) to be protected, not just for now, but for future generations.

Canterbury is the largest region in the south island of New Zealand. Ashburton lies in the heart of Canterbury, in a region known as the Canterbury Plains. These sweeping plains stretch from the magnificent Southern Alps to the Pacific Ocean, bordered by spectacular braided rivers and high-country lakes.

As flat as a billiard table, the plains are a remarkable sight from the air – a patchwork of agricultural activity that ranges from grazing grass and wheat to herbs and sunflowers. This fertile and productive land produces more than 80% of New Zealand’s grains, crops and seeds.

Farmers who grow crops for Bio Oils are all located in Canterbury, producing some of the best grains and seeds in the world.

Our Responsibility

As guardians (kaitiaki) of our land, we are responsible for protecting and treasuring our environment, soils and waters.

Bio Oils operates a ‘zero waste’ policy in all aspects of our business, from production to packaging, using only recyclable materials and sustainable business practices.

Our products are produced from sustainable sources, nourishing a population in a way that is sustainable for our people and ecosystems.

Our crops are planted annually on a crop rotation basis, to ensure our soils are not depleted of essential nutrients, and to produce maximum yields for our farmers.​