Our people are important to us

Bio Oils works closely with Canterbury farmers to be able to deliver premium quality products to you!

Bio Oils: Family Owned and Operated

We are extremely proud to have close relationships with our Canterbury farmers, and it is incredibly important to us to support our local people, their families and community. It is for this reason that we do not import seeds from overseas, we only process seeds grown here in New Zealand. We support our farmers with crop management and advice, to ensure they achieve the best possible yields and quality crops.

Our Community

Ashburton is a small rural town in Mid-Canterbury, in the South Island of New Zealand. We are a close community, passionate about our local people and local business. Bio Oils partners with many local businesses for freight, seed storage, seed dressing, packaging supplies and consumables, helping to strengthen and grow our close-knit community.

Our customers

The foundation of our success is our customers

We are privileged to have many loyal customers both here in New Zealand and across the globe, and we value the relationship we have with each and every one.

It is important for us to understand the needs of our customers, to forge long-standing partnerships, to build confidence and trust, and to help our customers succeed and grow. Our commitment to our customers is seen in the hard-working nature of our team, and the dedicated service we offer.