The Bio Oils Commitment

Our mission is to provide exceptional natural products from New Zealand, produced with care from sustainable sources, and that are fully traceable back to the farm.


We are a land of open spaces, open hearts and open minds


We have a genuine care of our people and our land, not just for now but for future generations—we are kaitiaki, guardians.


We have a reputation for doing the right things and in the right way, upholding our mana. We are trustworthy, honest and transparent.


We work together as a family group with our farmers and community (kaupapa whānau), all connected with the same values, principles and goals to achieve a common purpose.


New Zealand provides us with incredible opportunities to innovate, and to grow, produce and supply some of the best natural products in the world.

Bio Oils is committed to continual research and development, for both our products and production techniques.

We strive to be the best that we can be, and the best at what we do.

We are a very proud family; proud of our businesses, and proud of our quality products. We observe strict food safety and quality controls, and are committed to producing products that are pure, natural, traceable, and of the finest quality—not just once, but every time, 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.​