Exceptional Flax Seed products from our home to yours

Bio OIls, Family Owned and operated in new zealand

Hi! We are Daryl and Debbie Prebble, husband and wife team with a passion for New Zealand.

We truly believe New Zealand grows some of the world’s best grains, seeds and superfoods, and our goal is to deliver these exceptional products to our customers. Our core products include cold-pressed flaxseed oil and flaxseed meal, whole seeds and supergreen powders.

The birth of bio oils

The idea for Bio Oils was born in 1987 when a group of seven Canterbury arable farmers recognised the health benefits of flax seed, and the oil this small seed contains. One of these seven farmers was Gavin Prebble. Today Gavin’s son Daryl, along with his wife Debbie, own and manage Bio Oils.

From our humble beginnings, we have stayed true to our key values – collaborating with our farmers, our community and our land to deliver pure, quality and traceable products from New Zealand to our customers across the globe.​