Sponsored Charities

With so many worthwhile Charities needing sponsorship and funding, it is difficult to say 'no'  when we are approached for assistance. Therefore, each year Bio Oils selects Charities to sponsor for the 12 month period. Below are the Charities sponsored during 2017.
  • The Cancer Society of New Zealand      

The Cancer Society of New Zealand is the leading organisation dedicated to reducing the incidence of cancer and ensuring the best cancer care for everyone in New Zealand. They provide a range of support services for people with cancer and their family/caregivers, and provide funding for life-saving and world class cancer research.
  • The Going Bananas Show

The Going Bananas Show strives to bring back the magic of live theatre to regional towns and cities, and watch the magic in the eyes of the audience light up as they experience something that only a live stage show can bring. They work with hundreds of special needs organisations that in turn deal with a wide range of children, to select the families that will get the opportunity to attend the show. Generally children have learning, social, physical, medical or mental aliments. They also often invite the whole family to the show as it creates a fantastic fun atmosphere for all.

This year they are proud to support the Brain Injured Children Trust, a charity proactively working with families in the communities providing support and assisting in supplying Neuro-Developmental Therapy Advice; Resources & Equipment;Educational/Technical Requirements; Mobility Assistive Equipment; Crisis Support; Sporting /Recreational Needs and Support of Parents/Caregivers for the many children that have suffered severe brain injuries in their lives.
  • Fostering Kids    

Fostering Kids exists to support the foster families who open their homes and hearts to the children in their care. They do this by providing encouragement, support and education to fostering families, so that the placement has the best possible chance of working out.

Out of the estimated 6,000 foster families in New Zealand, Fostering Kids is currently only able to support a quarter of them. By supporting Fostering Kids, we can help support foster parents, and in turn help Kiwi kids in foster care recover their sense of self-worth and learn to trust adults again.
  • The Young New Zealanders Foundation       

The Foundation helps Young New Zealanders achieve their highest potential for themselves as well as their country. Their Goal is to provide safe and thriving communities in which young people are valued, nurtured and helped to reach their goals as active, responsible members of society.

For over a decade the Young New Zealanders Foundation has supplied and funded educational resources
and safety materials to any school, anywhere in New Zealand.

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