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Bottled Oil

Bio Oils is New Zealand's largest producer of cold-pressed Flax Seed Oil. Wholesale ingredient supplier to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and animal health industries.


Conventional (non-organic) and Certified Organic available.


As raw material suppliers, we use the services of local bottling contractors for our Bottled Flax Seed Oil requirements. There are a wide range of options available, including:

  • HDPE plastic

  • PET plastic

  • Coloured glass.

  • 'Nitrogen flushing' during the filling process, which displaces the oxygen in the bottle, reducing oxidation of the oil and therefore extending shelf life.

  • Labelling

  • Packaging

Please contact us to discuss your individual bottling requirements. Minimum order quantities may apply depending on availability of the bottle type and supplier.

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About Us

Established in 1987, Bio Oils is New Zealand’s largest producer of cold-pressed, New Zealand grown Flax Seed Oil and Flax Seed Meal. We are focused on quality and traceability to guarantee the production of some of the world’s best Conventional and Certified Organic Flax Seed products.

Contact Us

PO Box 479
Ashburton 7700

p: 0064 3 308 3305
f:  0064 3 308 1910
e: info@bio-oils.co.nz