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At Bio Oils we extract our Flax Seed Oils using a controlled cold-pressing method, regarded as the best method of extracting quality Flax Seed Oil.


We are proud of the quality, freshness and taste of our Flax Seed Oils, and therefore operate by pressing ‘on demand’ for our clients to ensure they receive a fresh, quality product.


Our Flax Seed Oil is processed in an oxygen-free environment, with no exposure to UV light, and at low temperatures to ensure quality and freshness without compromising the nutritional value of the oil. After extraction the Flax Seed Oil is allowed to settle naturally, rather than using centrifugal force, again maintaining the integrity and quality of the oil.

This freshness and quality is further protected by the use of inert nitrogen......during both the processing and packaging stages oxygen free nitrogen is used to displace oxygen inside the tanks and drums, reducing oxidation of the Flax Seed Oil and therefore extending shelf life.

As standard, each grower line of Linseed is cold-pressed individually, to ensure full traceability back to the individual paddock where it was grown. Each line is tested by an authorized, independent New Zealand laboratory to ensure the composition is uniform and that the standards of the Flax Seed products are of the highest quality. Additional tests can be performed subject to the individual requirements of our customers.

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About Us

Established in 1987, Bio Oils is New Zealand’s largest producer of cold-pressed, New Zealand grown Flax Seed Oil and Flax Seed Meal. We are focused on quality and traceability to guarantee the production of some of the world’s best Conventional and Certified Organic Flax Seed products.

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